View Full Version : where can I get a cargo net?

03-13-11, 07:50 AM
I am about to order a husky liner for the cargo area and someone here posted a pic of thiers and they also had a cargo liner.. Where can I get one of those? Is there any coupon codes for streetauto? that is where I am ordering my liner. Thanks..

03-13-11, 08:02 AM

03-13-11, 04:00 PM
Thanks but I am looking for one that just goes across the back near the tailgate, I saw it in someones pic. I dont want the one that covers the whole bottem. if using the rubber cargo mat how hard is it to get into the storage bin? I am thinking a carpeted one would be easier to lift up?? any thoughts.

03-17-11, 02:01 PM
Regarding the Cargo Net ... I am using the one that came with my 2005 STS.
It is smaller than the O.E.M. for the current 2010/2011 SRX, but I think it is
more convenient. Items are easier to slip underneath that need to be retained.
I have fastened all four corners with those "non-rock climbing" thingies. They
are availabe in multi-colored models. (The hippo is optional!)

03-17-11, 02:20 PM
:violin:This has absolutely nothing to do with cargo nets, or anything Cadillac.
However, you may be interested in my latest endeavor. I have been
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How's that for a "snow job"?

03-18-11, 06:34 AM
I like the cargo net.. Also like your carpet.. What company did y ou use for the cargo carpet?

03-18-11, 11:06 AM
All my mats were made by Lloyds Mats. Ultimats. Really super products.
A tad 'salty', but (*you only get what you pay for).

*An olde Pennsylvania Dutch expression, from an olde Pennsylvania Dutchman.