: Dallas Cars and Coffee April 2

03-12-11, 08:49 PM
Come on V1 guys, every month the V2 guys out show us. Anyone gonna make it this month? April 2 at 08:00 at Classic BMW. Although a few of us are meeting at 07:30 at the Starbucks up the street at Shops at Legacy and then driving in together.

Post if you can make it.

03-12-11, 08:52 PM
i will be on leave...so you know i will be there...and then the V is going to SNL for a nice new Monster.

03-25-11, 11:37 AM
Bump Bump Bump for more people.

03-30-11, 09:05 PM
My wife and I will be rolling up in the Raptor...no V this weekend.

03-31-11, 08:29 AM
Wish I could make it up there, the Dallas C&C is top notch