: dropping Northstar

03-12-11, 11:46 AM
I have an 1999 Cadillac SLS. I am a seasoned mechanic. I need to pull my motor because the head gaskets are bad. My only concern is that I do not have a hoist to lift the vehicle off the ground. All I have are a few floor jacks and blocks of wood. Has anyone ever dropped the cradle without the actual use of a car hoist? Is it possible for me to do this without a car hoist, rather floor jacks and jack stands?

03-12-11, 02:32 PM
Several people have done it. Check the Tech Tips section. Zonie and Tateos have tutorials in there that may cover what you are asking. Might even be a few others.

03-12-11, 02:47 PM
Will do, thanks!

03-12-11, 05:54 PM