: Slave Cylinder Clutch Fluid Leak ?

03-12-11, 11:10 AM
I bought my 07 V 69k highway-miles was "corporate leased", Last fall from a dealer. Put about 1000 miles on it before putting it up for storage. Half of those miles were the trip home with the car.
This spring as I had been looking into all my maintenance, oil, trans, plugs, wires and all that good stuff.... I had read an article about clutch fluid and how it is important to keep it clean. So while in storage I checked mine, and it was very low, not empty, but very low, and really dark, maybe close to black. I have syringed the reservior and refilled probably 6 to 7 times, and now pretty clean.

Anyways... while changing the oil I noticed what "I thought" was oil around my oil drain plug; figured it didn't get tightend enough at the dealer or else filter mayble leaked and it flowed down the the plug somehow. I was wrong.

From what I have read about the slave cylinder in a different thread, that it is dirty clutch fluid coming out of the small slot in the transmission, by the oil drain plug; due to a leaky slave cylinder.

Dealer has already stated that if it is the slave yes it is still covered under the 5 year 100k powertrain factory warranty.

I need to know for sure before having these guys tear it apart, do I have a bad slave, OR.....

did my fluid get excessively dirty or "gritty" with clutch dust and it caused the slave to not seal well, and now that I have filled it up and have the fluid clean has it flushed out and helped cure the slave.

and yes I know I need to monitor it for more leaking, but I figured I could ask for some info in the meantime, cause I've put over a 100 miles on and fluid seems to be same in the reservoir.

My end thoughts are that once it leaks it is bad, but does anyone have any other thoughts before I have them tear it apart.


03-27-11, 07:43 PM
No responses.... hmmm, anyways.
Dealer fixed, under 5 year 100k warranty. Rear main seal was leaking along with a slight transmission front seal leak.