: Help with handheld programming

03-12-11, 10:56 AM
picked up the handheld from Jesse.
I downloaded mt stock files and email to Jesse. I recieved the modded files.
I uploaded the Maxpwr tune, Max tranny, and mild tranny to the handheld.

Went to car to program just the max tranny tune. All seemed well. Did the uploads. Took about 10mins or so. When complete it displayed
ERROR 1034
"download failure-return to stock if car does not start." Well I tried to start. it started ok. Did not drive though.

I then tried to upload to stock and it displays"Error device is married"- "return to stock" well I cant I get this mesg.

Any input??

03-12-11, 12:26 PM
im curious. getting ready to order the same thing and was wondering about error messages still to this date.

03-13-11, 12:04 PM
Update- After reading many threads. I figured out a few items.
First I misunderstood upload stock. I should have picked return to stock. This failed at about 4%. I then removed the onstart fuse. return to strock failed a 34%.
I then pulled the 5bcm fuses under the hood.
Return to stock loaded. 100% :)
I then uploaded Jesse's mild tune. Load up 100%. I installed all fuses and car started. Did not drive yet.
Car build date is 3/2009
I have 4 tunes from Jesse

Not sure what the difference is between each one. My mods will be 9.5 lower, CAI, and ht Exchanger.

I would assume some fueling and timing map adjustments then the rest all tranny between the 3???? Is the top speed limiter removed in mild, max and race?