: 2,147,483,657 Poasts...

03-11-11, 04:03 AM

I demand a re-count.

03-11-11, 05:02 AM
Yeah, it seems like there is a bug in the program and I have seen it before... But what amazed me more, is the pictures of those rusted Escalades! Observing that amount of rust and corrosion in a 3-4 year old luxury truck is absolutely unacceptable! What is wrong with Escalade? As far as I know there is no such reports about other Cadillacs!

03-11-11, 10:24 AM
recount recount recount stomping feet banging fist on table recount recount '
oh snapp hit my key board lol

Lord Cadillac
03-11-11, 10:26 AM
Fixed. It's some database error that keeps happening. We're not going to be on the software forever so this will be one of those things we don't see anymore in time...

03-11-11, 10:30 AM
ok is ee you fixed it but he has beena member since 04 and has only had 12 posts ? ok wow talk about a lurker lol

03-11-11, 12:01 PM
jimbo is jelly

03-11-11, 02:34 PM
jimbo is jelly

lulz,exact thought that went through my head when i found that.