: Water in Spare tire housing

03-11-11, 02:13 AM
I was putting spare tire in the spare tire housing and found out there is half frozen water about half inch height.

Have anyone experienced this?

How can water get into the spare tire house?

03-11-11, 06:59 AM
Never had it myself, but if you do a search, you'll find several threads with guys talking about this over the years. This is the first thread I've seen on it in about a year now.

03-11-11, 11:16 AM
Mine had the same thing when I bought it. There's a drain tube (or maybe there's two?) that I found on the driver side behind the carpeted panel. Same area where the Bose amp is located. I was wiring in my new amp and sub and saw the drain tube disconnected. I reconnected it and have never seen water in the spare tire tub again.

03-11-11, 06:10 PM
...and aren't there some plugs at the bottom of that well? I can't recall for sure. If there are, have someone spray a hose on them while you look for seepage from the inside. No moisture on trunk carpeting (indicating a leak around window or weatherstripping around trunk lid)? Good luck!