: SHRB finally got anotherSRX and is happy!

03-10-11, 09:56 PM
For those of you following my year long saga.....I traded on Monday for a 2011 SRX. We finally settled out of court and with the lemon law formula, it was a deal for us all. I am happy and hope I never have to post another thing again about being unhappy.
All I can say if you are having trouble with your car, is document every conversation, phone call, who you spoke to, dates, times, check your tickets to make sure what you took it in for is what is on the ticket, etc. Thank goodness I started keeping records when things started going bad. So many times I would take the car in only to be told to bring it back when the part came in. That counts too!
Thanks for all the help Steve, Sube, PJ, Captain. I know there are others, I just appreciate all the help. PJ, that long, detailed informational email about what to expect saved my life. When we showed up at court with a brief case full of papers, service records, and a lawyer they started wanted to deal with us. Yes, I hired a lawyer and it made all the difference.

03-10-11, 10:21 PM
Good news! YIPPE!! Happy Dance! I hope you never have to go through that again Shana. Enjoy your new SRX. :)

03-11-11, 11:26 AM
gratulations, may you new 2011 be a trouble free as my 10 has been

03-11-11, 11:33 AM

That's great news Shana! I'm glad everything worked out in your favor. Maybe now you can finally get the enjoyment out of the car that you paid for in the first place. This calls for a :burp:.


03-11-11, 04:16 PM

The elated side of me is ecstatic about your ultimately prevailing in this total debacle, as you deserve.

The voyeuristic side of me wishes I could have been a fly on the wall when these things came to a head with all of those knuckleheads.

The angry side of me sincerely hopes that GM and Cadillac take a closer look at this saga post mortem, take a hard look at this dealership and its management, investigate the GM rep's actions (or lack thereof) and attitudes, and come to fully realize what was done to one of their long-standing, loyal customers........ and then ACT on it. I AM a Cadillac owner and I was appalled at what was done to you.

The vindictive side of me still wants damages for you.

And the practical side of me says move on, hold your head high, and take Sube's advice. I am!!!!!!!!

Some day I hope you will fully appreciate at what you have accomplished for yourself and for others who may find themselves in a similar predicament. It took a lot of miles, many months, and a lot of guts. We are proud of you.

Now get off this forum and go enjoy your new ride.


Smokin' SRX
03-11-11, 11:36 PM
Can't recall PJ1520 ever nailing it so well! LOL Very happy for you and glad you now have Onstar 9.0 ! My 2011 Yukon has it also ,and now I can Remote Start/Unlock, check gas tank and tire pressures from a restaurant/concert hall, over 1/2 mile away, from my Smart phone! See Onstar MyLink. It's a free app.

Best wishes!


03-13-11, 04:00 PM
You guys are so awesome! I love the passive entry and the rear cargo system. Those were the two things I didn't like about the 2010.

I could not have done it without you all. The advice, support & guidance was amazing. You, however do need to stay on this site to help others like myself.

My husband has been eating his words for some time because he told me....."They are not going to give you another car because that little rattle noise in the back" Well, needless to say, there was so much more than that, but I just always handled it myself!