: Scan Tools For The DIY

03-10-11, 05:18 PM
I thought I would make a post here that might intrest some of you. With OBDlll here many of us have outdated scan tools. When i look on EBay MT2500 snap on scan tools are selling for 250.00 to 350.00 and are complete.

If you love your Caddy as I do and most here do,this is small change looking at the big picture and can help you understand more about what your car is doing or not doing.I know its great we can pull codes with are Caddys but to see all things working and being able to run solenoid tests quickly and also to watch your O2 sensors to see if there working as they should along with many other tests and trouble shooting also and explanations of what the sensors do...ABS and Trans too..

I am sure this isnt the 1st post but thought I would bring it up anyway...

Take Care

03-11-11, 09:47 AM
OBDIII? No such thing. There's some conspiracy theorist talk about OBD3 being a government program that will allow your car to communicate directly with police computers and send you a fine immediately upon an emissions code tripping, but like I said that's mostly fantasy from the tin-foil hat set. Besides, that wouldn't effect older OBD2 cars anyway.

FWIW as a monitoring program I've always been happy with AutoTap, for real time monitoring, code clearing, diagnostics and datalogging. Though it does not allow you to cycle solenoids or perform the tests of a Tech II, but its about 200 bucks vs. 2,000 bucks. Also works on all GM OBD2 vehicles.