View Full Version : Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset... PITA

03-09-11, 09:33 PM
So like all the other threads I've read when searching (yes I did a search, so those salivating to pounce sorry to take that away from you)...

RF, LF & LR are fine, RR has the dreaded "---" signal on it. So here's the low down...

On reset:

Lock & unlocked car
held down both lock & unlock buttons... 10 secs pass (one one thousand & so on)... 1 honk

Let the air out of tire on LF until it was almost flat, no honk finally stopped & went to the RF. Let air out of tire & after a few seconds stopped, stood up & then a honk... which I interpreted as it was now thinking the Right Front was the Left Front.... So I turned the key to off & pulled the key out & restarted the whole process... so times adding air, other times letting air out... I went thru the process like 5 times or so.

I never did get the RF to honk, but I did get honks on the LF & LR... & nothing ever on the RR...

I'm due for my 50k service so I think I'm gonna let the $tealer here in town look at it & hopefully they can get it going. Not really looking forward to spending the extra on sensors, but if I gotta I gotta right?

50 4Ever
03-09-11, 09:58 PM
"--" means the battery in that sensor is dead or almost dead. Needs to be replaced...