: ordered a manual v wagon is skip shift feature a problem?

03-09-11, 07:58 PM
Just waiting for my v wagon with manual transmition, is the skip shift feature annoying?

03-09-11, 08:06 PM
NO ! Don't even know mine had it. WAY LESS intrusive than C5-C6 Corvette type was.


03-09-11, 09:27 PM
the manual with 3.73 rear diff revs so quickly, that it rarely ever happens.


03-09-11, 09:42 PM
mine has done it maybe 15 times. its not annoying.

03-09-11, 09:45 PM
anything is easy to program out with a tune anyways so nothing is a big deal.

03-09-11, 11:22 PM
yep i have never had it kick in, with over 12k miles on

03-10-11, 01:55 AM
The only time mine has ever kicked in was when I would gingerly cruise around the post here in Germany. Speed limit is only 30k so I usually go from 1st to 4th. I have gotten use to the shift so it is very fluid.

03-10-11, 04:50 AM
I don't know that I have ever noticed it happening on my 2009. I have about 20k miles.

I suppose I accelerate to quickly for it to kick in? However, sometimes I choose to skip gears cause I am lazy. It has so much torque that you can take off in 3rd gear on level ground or shift from 1rst to 4th or even 6th without a lot of difficulty.

03-10-11, 09:33 AM
CAGS = Computer Aided Gear Selection or skip shift.

I've been "cagged" just once in 2000 miles of driving my V Wagon. Like said before, the 3.73 gears mean that first gear revs up pretty quickly and gets out of the CAGS parameters fast. I don't plan to spend any money on a CAGS bypass. Now it I were to get a "tune", I'd have it "tuned" off in the process.

CAGS is very annoying in my Vette so I bought the bypass kit and installed. Did the same with my V1. It's not annoying me in the V2.

03-10-11, 09:41 AM
I have a 2011 v-wagon with 1700 miles and have yet to have it happen.

03-10-11, 12:11 PM
yep i have never had it kick in, with over 12k miles on

Same experience, same miles. Not a problem at all! Began to think I didn't even have it, but realize now it's simply never triggered. Happy Right Foot!

03-10-11, 12:26 PM
I only noticed it when I shifted below 2k RPM's. Whenever I went above, towards 3k, it goes right to second. When it does skip shift, it just feels like a gate is open and you take an angle towards fourth instead of going straight down to second. And the car has enough torque in 4th you won't even notice as it has more than enough power to get up and go from 4th and beyond.