: Water leaking in floorboard. Where's the drain?

03-09-11, 04:11 PM
Water is leaking into my floorboard. Both pass and driver sides. It's been getting worse and worse.

I talked with my dealer and they said it's not covered under the GMPP Major Guard. He said it's a drain that needs to be unclogged.

Anyone know which drain it is? Or any other reason water would be severely leaking into my floorboards?

Much thanks

03-09-11, 04:22 PM
Sounds more like you have a busted heater core to me...

03-09-11, 04:23 PM
I'm sure the dealer would know the difference between coolant and water ;)

He's got to be talking about a sunroof (do you have one of those?) or a cowl drain in front of the windshield......

It's not like you have a "floor" drain or anything :)

03-09-11, 04:38 PM
Possibly the condensation drain in the A/C is plugged which is a common occurrance. The drain can be accessed from underneath the car and the mud dobbers nest poked out with a section of weed whipper string.

03-09-11, 04:39 PM
Way he stated it is he phoned in said water on the floor and they said drain, because its wasnt covered he hadnt had them actually look at it.

The only drain I can think of that COULD do that is the HVAC drain for the HVAC box behind the dash, it drains ou water leaked in throught he cowl as well as condensation build up around the evap core.

Either way the only way I can see to access it is to either yank the whole dash out and HVAC box or attempt to access it from under the car, should be on the firewall center.

03-09-11, 04:39 PM
Koz beat me to it.

03-09-11, 05:27 PM
Way he stated it is he phoned in said water on the floor and they said drain, because its wasnt covered he hadnt had them actually look at it.

Gee, I don't see the word "phone" anywhere in the post, maybe it was on the phone he had the talk, I didn't jump to that conclusion though ;)

Either way, the smell of hot coolant and the "Low Coolant Warning System" we all have would make me think it'd be hard to miss....

03-09-11, 05:37 PM
Most people dont just drop by and talk to a dealer, if theres an issue the call state the problem and in his case of an "aftermarket" (yes i do realize GMPP is GMs warranty but it was bought as an add on to the car it isnt the factory bumper to bumper) ask if theres coverage. GMPP covers most things but not air/water leaks into the cab.
If someone called me and said water, Id say drain, if someone called me and said fluid I'd ask about coolant loss and suggest heater core. Based on what he stated its really vague and inconclusive he could of told them water when it is indeed a fluid. He may or may not have a coolant loss, and even if he did its assumed the warning float in the overflow is actually fuctional (they do commonly fail).

Yes at this point I'm being an ass lol I'm just trying to prove a point, we can't really jump to any conclusion on it.

OP does it smell sweet? Do your windows fog up? Use a paper towel to sop some of the fluid up, does it appear orange?

03-09-11, 06:15 PM
Yes at this point I'm being an ass lol I'm just trying to prove a point, we can't really jump to any conclusion on it.

Hehehe :canttalk::lol:

03-09-11, 08:37 PM
If the dealer won't fix it you need a new dealer. Koz is right. Odds are it's a HVAC condensate drain. Any shop with Alldata should be able to clear the drain.

03-09-11, 09:18 PM
Another possibility is the water deflector on one or more of your doors may not be attached and sealed properly (especially if you've ever had work done on them). These are a common problem in several GM vehicles and lead to what you're describing.

03-10-11, 10:40 AM
I gotta ask this question. .... does it only happen when it rains?

03-11-11, 04:37 PM
Sorry for he deal here guys.

I took the car to the dealer for some issues including this. My warranty is up in about 150 miles or so.

I just got off the phone with the dealer and he said that they're charging me for evacuating and recharging the A/C system. They said they had to do it to check the "levels". They said that the water is coming from a condensation drain and that to clear it they use a wire or whatever and clear if then use this stuff to flush out the whatever he said.

I dunno I'm so pissed right now I dont remember what he said about the A/C. Theyre giving me crap now abiut this timing chain stuff. They replaced the chains a couple months ago because of a loud no oil like noise when I start the car. That noise went away now but I can still hear like a tapping noise.

The noise gets faster as the RPMs go up. And it sounds just like a chain hitting an alum block or a cover or something.

The service tech said hea heard it before but thought it was something loose that was connected to the engine and was vibrating.

Now they can't hear it.

I'm going to pick up my car tom morning. Then I have to brig it back to them later this week when some parts come in.

I'm gonna ask EXACTLY what drain and service they're talking about.

I'll post tom.

Thanks everyone.

03-11-11, 07:24 PM
Your warranty should cover all the A/C work. There is NO WAY clearing the condensate drain with a wire (most shops clear it with pressurized air) or checking fluid levels would require freon evac & refill. You may not like a noise but if the car runs well, your position on that issue is not as strong.

Stay cool. If they don't explain to your satisfaction ask to speak with the service manager. If you can't reach an understanding, contact the Cadillac Zone Manager. Getting mad won't help, but stand your ground. Most dealers are trying hard to satisfy customers. If yours isn't, you still have an appeal process.

03-22-11, 12:37 AM
Well all I could get out of the service adviser was "the main drain for the evap" I did some searching online and found that there is a drain to the right of the drivers pedals under the carpet. It drains the condensation. I took the hose off and water poured out. I shot 150 PSI compressed air in the drain to clear it out.

All is good now. Have to take my car back to the dealer tomorrow to get the cam seals replaced as theyre leaking all over the place.

03-23-11, 09:07 PM
Make sure you get your carpets dry.Mold will ruin your car with stink. A wet/dry vac will do wonders.

03-24-11, 07:34 AM
I am going with some type of AC issues on this one as well

I have not heard of water leaking into the interior of the 2005+ cars

The former body style as well Aurora's and Bonnevilles

Those definitely had a common issue with water entering the car from the outside...most often forming a puddle in the trunk but sometimes coming into the rear floorboards as well


03-24-11, 09:25 PM
All HVAC systems can have condensate drain issues. Keeping the drains clear is considered normal maintenance for many applications such as Information Technology or high-speed printing where dust and condensation comes in contact to plug drains.

I haven't read of many such issues on this forum either so it seems that our cars are better than most in this regard, but I think it's still the single most likely source of wet front carpets in cars. Any dealer who charges to clear a car's HVAC condensate drain is foolish and risks loosing regular customers.

Clearing the drain takes moments and should be gratis. Drying the carpets is the owners job. If I don't want to get my hands dirty, I can have my car 'portered'.

03-25-11, 07:29 AM
The fact that they can...and if they truly do are two different things

what car repair does that not apply to?....and especially to things like the N* HG issues?
it could happen to any luxury manufacturers V8....right?

I am not sure why you think dealers are so willing to do "gratis" work

My local "intown" Cadillac dealers, who are both owned by the same person, certainly don't do anything gratis

Neither did either of the two Mercedes dealers, in town, who I dealt with a few years ago

In fact..the BMW dealer was more willing to not ask you to open your wallet and say "ah"..than the other brand's dealers

As I have stated before, I think my local Cadillac dealer gets confused if they are on the Mercedes or the Cadillac side of the building..when they are quoting repairs or suggested items

For the record I have never had any car leak into the floor boards from AC drainage.
For most of my life I live in Texas in a warm weather climate where Ac was used 7-8 months of the year

The only car I have ever had leak was the Aurora. I had the famous GM full size car rain leak into the truck...as stated before I was one of the lucky ones that didn't have water going into the car's interior


09-19-16, 03:14 PM
It's the A/C drain that's clogged. It's located on the passenger side under the dash. If you feel water in the backseat floor passenger side, the little hose may have come out. Raise the carpet under the front seat from the back seat side (it's has Velcro) and check that the rubber hose is inserted because it may have become dislodged. This operation shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. If it's the front floor board, it will definitely take longer and you should have a bucket handy because when you unclog the drain, a lot more of the trapped water will now flow. You may have to drill a hole so if this is the case, be sure to buy a plug before turning your a/c on again. The nice guys at the auto store can help you.

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