: Where do you buy your auto parts?

03-09-11, 09:31 AM
Today's question was inspired by my recent work on the (neverending) Bricklin project. Since I've been stepping up my purchases lately, I realized I kind of hop between online shopping, Schucks-O'Reilly's (which will always be Schucks to me), and NAPA to get my parts.

Sadly, my local B&B Auto Parts closed their doors. So did the only Autozone in my general area (and even that was a bit of a drive, and it was taken over by O'Reilly's).

O'Reilly's tends to be hit-or-miss regarding their parts selection and knowledge; I've found often you can be at the mercy of how much of a gearhead the store employee is. So the experience varies from store-to-store, but my last few stops in have gone without a hitch. Since the closest two are a similar driving distance.

I found NAPA employees to be more knowledgable, but the parts overpriced.

Online shopping I like only when I know exactly what I need to get or for special order parts that I can't exactly walk into a store and order. When I order online, I shop around to get the best price possible. The only thing that bothers me is having to pay/wait for shipping.

Interesting fact: the Bricklin club has a searchable parts database which lists off Part Numbers for just about everything on the car. HOWEVER, my last few dealings have been incorrect - belts, hoses, and power steering pump I ordered using those numbers were all wrong. I'm not sure if some custom work had been done to the motor beforehand; it's not out of the realm of possibility.

So, where do you buy your auto parts?

03-09-11, 09:45 AM
I have accounts with commercial and undercar discounts at Advance, Napa, and a GM/Ford parts distributor for local dealers. Therefore I'll try them first. If it comes down to time constraints, I'll use whoever has the part available.

Service is much better when using the parts distributor, but as far as the others, it seems like it's a wash to me.

03-09-11, 09:51 AM
Like Drew I have commercial accounts at parts stores and a Cadillac dealer....... regardless, you can sometimes find a better deal from one of our member parts men or RockAuto.

As far as the Bricklin goes (or my Olds 455 marine engine business) you're sort of stuck in a niche market. Same as anyone who's a gearhead or classic car/rod builder: from the old 50's song - "My Mama told me: You better shop around".

03-09-11, 10:09 AM
If I want something OE or Delco I'll usually get a good price online (if it's worth shipping) or go right to the dealer.

For anything else I like NAPA, O'Reilly, last resort Auto Zone (poor service) or Carquest (poor quality). I actually really like the O'Reilly I have in Durham. They have a big selection of stock, good service, and good prices. My local NAPA has nothing in stock... ever. If I want something from them I call and they order it for me.

But where ever I go, the first thing I do is go online and find the part number and see if it's in stock. So many times I'll be standing there for 10 minutes while the guy pecks at keys to find something, when it takes me 30 seconds to look on my computer and see a picture of what I want. And half the time they can't even find the stuff. Just so much easier to walk in and say "this is the part number I want."

Good example--Saturday I was helping my friend with his Grand Cherokee. Had a leaking rear diff cover, so I told him to get the gasket and oil. He comes over with it, we look and they gave him a gasket for the Dana 30, he had the Dana 44. He took it back, and they told him there's no other gasket for his application. I look on their site, put in '98 GC, rear diff, and what do you know... Fel Pro RDS6629 for the Dana/Spicer 44. And in stock in the Durham store :p

03-09-11, 06:24 PM
Weirdly there is four major autoparts stores in about 2 miles down the strip in Otsego. There's an Autozone (crappy service and unknowledgeable staff), a Napa (rarely go there, I just forget their store is there), there's an O'Reilly's going in downtown (never been to one) and there is an Advance Auto Parts. I love that store. Very knowledgeable staff, very friendly, they have most of the parts I need, and if they don't they overnight it. Even the weird old parts. They know me by name, and are always willing to help figure out a problem, or even just bench race about our cars. Great store, and great prices. :D

03-09-11, 06:53 PM
Ebay, other online vendors, or whatever local place is cheapest... or most convenient.

03-09-11, 07:08 PM
Everything I've ever bought for my car has come from Advance, because my dad works there so I call him, he gives me the item numbers I need and then I go into the store up here and pick it up. Since I'm immediate family, I also can use his 20% employee discount. :thumbsup:

03-10-11, 02:10 AM
I really like my local Advance Auto Parts. Its exactly 1.5 miles from my house as well. Very helpful, knowelgable guys behind the counter, and they always have parts in stock for my cars(although they are both pretty common older cars that people still drive, thus they stock parts for them).

Plus they send me a mailer with a coupon, I think its $20 off a purchase of $100 or more. I've used two of these coupons recently, gotta say that is a FREAKING AWESOME deal:yup:

03-10-11, 02:26 AM
I shop around to get the best deal! Here is my list: Internet (Amazon, ebay, Rockauto, and even simply Google Shopping... ), local part stores, Cadillac Dealerships,.....

03-10-11, 04:46 AM
I shop around to get the best deal! Here is my list: Internet (Amazon, ebay, Rockauto, and even simply Google Shopping... ), local part stores, Cadillac Dealerships,.....

I will say my local Caddy dealer had two NOS d-pillar crests for $25. You guys know how those all fade, it was a great deal because they knew the exact part #. Shopping on the internet, they had the same crest with and without pegs, for probably double the price.

03-10-11, 05:23 AM
Yes, ironically, sometimes Cadillac dealers have the best deal in the town! That is why I check the prices with them too...

03-10-11, 11:45 AM
I use forum sponsors.

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03-10-11, 03:01 PM
How do you like them compared to Pelican?

03-10-11, 06:44 PM
How do you like them compared to Pelican?

Never used them before. I've had nothing but top notch service from Tischer so I stick with them.