: Availabilty of BLS Genuine Parts?

03-09-11, 09:06 AM
I am curious as to your opinions on the availability of genuine BLS parts. Scouring the internet it would appear that there is very little variety offered from either dealers or independent specialists.

Also, I cannot locate an owners club for the BLS.

Any comments would be appreciated?

03-09-11, 10:19 AM
What parts are you looking for ?

I'd like a BLS owners club !

03-09-11, 06:18 PM
To be honest I have extensive dealer knowledge of the Saab 9-3 Sport Saloon on which the BLS is based and I want to look into the viability of starting up my own small business catering for such vehicles.

It would appear that genuine Cadillac parts sourced from authorised UK dealers are astronomically priced especially seeing the poor residual values of the BLS althogh I do appreciate that the equivelent Saab in considerably dearer.

A quick Google search shows that their is a lack of choice when it comes to parts for the BLS. I believe that their is an opportunity for me to earn some money whilst offering a service to other BLS owners. The main objective would be to offer an alternative source of OE or OE quality parts at a substantially reduced cost.

Let me know what you think?



03-10-11, 03:28 AM
if you can get the parts cheap anmd pass that one bring it on !