: Shields up...!

03-08-11, 06:58 PM
While a RMW may be one of the closest vehicles in size to a battleship, it does not have the same armor plating...

Since I've already paid $1000+ once to get hail damage fixed that happened after buying it, but before it got down here from Chicago...I am having my interior guy measure out 1/2" foam pad to cover the top surfaces, and then cover it in marine grade vinyl.

This 20' long...maxipad...will then go underneath (hopefully) the car cover I already have. I'll take pics as this progresses, and will post them, if successful...

03-08-11, 07:16 PM
Sounds like good insurance .... against ever having hail again in Bentonville, AR. Your neighbors should all chip for the purchase price of the pad!

03-08-11, 07:20 PM
No kidding...or else it will happen while I'm driving it.