View Full Version : New STS Commercial Oct 04

10-03-04, 05:34 PM
Who likes the new STS Commercial that was just on during the Pats/Bills game (Pats won...again)?

They have a bunch of black Mercedes Benz's circling for a while and then the Silver 2005 STS bursts out into the middle and shows them all up... Is that a Pretty tight commercial or what!?!?!?! I thought so.

10-03-04, 07:11 PM
I saw it on the speed channel i think it was awesome

10-03-04, 08:43 PM
So far, I've really liked all the STS commercials that've been on...I keep finding myself stopping at work to watch them...

10-04-04, 08:41 AM
Yeah definitely a sweet commercial. The Caddy LOOKED way better than the Mercedes too the commercial, but obviously that must have been the point. Either way, I was impressed with the STS.

10-04-04, 09:23 AM
Just an FYI.. Discussions in regards to the Cadillac STS don't go in the "Seville" section...

10-04-04, 11:27 AM
alrighty then...