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03-07-11, 11:27 AM
Ok I've owned my car for a whole 5 days. I'm confused about the whole parking, DRL & fog lighting situation.

1) The DRL's are the little light bulbs in the headlights correct?

2) What are the orange lights above what I'm thinking are fogs (parking lights as they are always on when driving I think)?

3) The lights below the orange lights are fog lights right?

Little confused when I read stuff about the DRLs & upgrade the fogs to clears....

Thanks & have pity on the less intelligent as myself...

03-07-11, 11:41 AM
the DRLs are Daytime Running Lights ... so whatever lights that are on when your car is running (during the day) are the DRLs
(i thought that the orange turn signals in the bumper, above the fog lights, were pulling double duty as the DRLs - but i might be wrong)

yes the lower lights in the bumper are the fog lights ...

the little bulbs (mounted from the underside of the lamp) inside the headlamp might be called different names by different people ... some people call them 'marker' lights or 'parking' lights
the parts catalog actually doesn't have a name for these bulbs (for this car) - but i think they're called marker lamps on other cars (like the STS)

03-07-11, 02:00 PM
shame less plug.. Check the FAQ DIY sticky..