: Looking at a 1989 Allante.....

Robert Raymer
03-06-11, 06:49 PM
Hi all. New to Allante forum. Found a 1989 for sale & was looking for some advice. Spoke to the owner over the phone & going to look at it this coming weekend. Owner tells me it has 135k and everything works. Black on black. Both tops. Fresh A/C rebuild. Fresh tires. Seats recovered like original. Excellent paint & interior. No issues. Of course, I will have to personally check it out, but since I'm new to Allantes, what would be the most important things to look for? In looking thru the forum, I noticed some mention of brakes. Sounds like a certain code will pop up and you should run away as fast as you can. Is this true and which code is it? Anything other things that would "make or break" a deal? Owner is asking $6000 but might take less. What really attracted me is the color combo and the fact that it supposedly needs nothing- a real beauty. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

03-07-11, 12:24 PM
They always need SOMETHING. :)

The Allante's have all kinds of quirks, electrical system things especially. Seems like minor things are always happening in my case, at least, with my '91.

The brake system is odd in that it's kind of a "hydroboost", doesn't use a vacuum booster, but instead an electric-motor driven pressure pump to provide the 'power" for the system and integrated with the ABS. Pretty much unique to the Allantes so if has a problem it's $$. The driver's side power window switches go bad and are $$$. The top pulldown motors for the soft and hard top are problematic but once adjusted correctly, are pretty good. Radio/cassette/CD were a problem in mine; radio worked, nothing else, then finally the radio died too. The housing is slightly too narrow to fit a DIN radio without cutting. I fixed the radio but added a modern DIN radio under the dash below the glove box so I wouldn't cut up the orig. It uses a BOSE speaker system with speakers mounted on respective amplifiers, my left rear is still acting up, need to check it out this spring.

Cat converter insides are rattling around, A OEM fit is not available from the aftermarket, neither is a muffer. I'm going to replace the cat with a fabricated pipe and muffler with a Magnaflow stainless with more fabricated pipe.....

Nice ride, tho. Love to drive the thing.


03-07-11, 04:24 PM
To reiterate, the brakes. Theres a red warning light on the dash, if its lit, its a red flag for attention. It could be as simple as the parking brake didnt release completely or as bad as a couple of grand in repairs.

The bose amplifiers go out and will leave you with no sound. they can be repaired pretty cheaply if you know how to solder well but if you dont and want factory its expensive.

The latches on the seat backs for tilting the seat forward breaks, which will make it very difficult to lean the seat forward. easy fix, just time consuming

Check the seals around the window and top, they are expensive as heck to replace since they arent made anymore.

Like electricman said the window switches are a common problem on these.

top and trunk motors