: fresh trans rebuild, still grinding gears.

03-05-11, 07:13 PM
I had a syncro issue with my CTS-V. I took the transmission out, and had a guy rebuild it. I got the transmission back in, and while 1 and 2 were notchy, it went in, and it felt good.

It started to grind occasionally into 2nd gear when I would downshift into 2nd to pull up a hill, etc.


When I first started having the grinding issue, me and PISNUOFF replaced my pilot bearing, flywheel, pressure plate, clutch, and slave, all with LS7 equipment. The master was replaced with stock.

Car was still grinding into gears, so I dealt with it for a few months, and got the transmission rebuilt.

Now here I am. Grinding into 2nd with a downshift and now a 1-2. The car is parked as of now, and I don't foresee me driving it for a few days until Thursday, when the guy who rebuilt my transmission is wanting to look at my entire car.

Things I should note might be relevant:

* 1st and 2nd are often notchy going in and out of gear.

* When I bleed my clutch, the pedal gets very loose and feels good for a bit.

* To get into a gear, I sometimes have to press the clutch the whole way, go towards the gear, and get jammed up. I let off the clutch about an inch, and it slides right in.

* Sometimes (more often than not) when I'm shifting, and press my clutch, I get a vibration that is felt in my entire leg.

I called the guy and he seems to think there's either a problem with the input shaft or the pilot bearing, causing the vibration in the clutch pedal.

I need as many ideas and thoughts as possible before I take the car down there this week.


The car is an 04 CTS-V

03-05-11, 07:22 PM
That's a nasty sound. I have no advice but fwiw I hope you find the problem...you've spent alot of money chasing it.

03-05-11, 07:42 PM
i owe about 8,000 on the car, and it has 90,000 miles on it.

I'm tempted at this stage, to sell it for payoff.

03-05-11, 08:41 PM
I'll give you $8000.

03-07-11, 10:55 AM
Sorry to hear that man, from what I've been reading on here about the Ls7 clutch swap it often causes a vibration in the clutch pedal. Lindsay's was saying it's very common and they're suprised more people haven't been reporting it, so that may not be related to your specific issue with the grinding. Sounds like the shop went cheap on the rebuild maybe? Reused rather than replaced some worn components perhaps?