: P0116 Engine code

AL Cool Dates
03-05-11, 05:40 PM
Got a check engine light and got a p0116 code (coolant temp sensor). Got my oil changed after I got the code and the check engine light went out. Could oil get that bad to make the sensor act up like that? Should I still get the sensor changed anyway? And if so, can it be done with out removing the plenum?

03-07-11, 09:03 AM
They are somehow related but I would not freak out about that if the light went off is because it is not longer an issue and if the sensor goes you temperature gauge goes as well I believe there are two but I know the one most likely to fail is the one in the coolant bridge. And yes you will have to remove the bolts in the plenun and set it aside, overly difficult? not at all it is easy if you are mechanically inclined. Just do some research follow the links and be careful.

In case you decide to replace the sensor here is a link