: Car won't start...just my luck

10-03-04, 01:04 PM
The other day I was parked out side my boyfriend's house and when I came outside my passanger side mirror glass was shattered. The mirror was hanging off and being held on by the two wires... I'm guessing they're for the heat. Anywho so I went home and woke up this am to go to the gym and it wouldn't start. My dad tried to jump me to no avail and tired my mom's car it didn't work either. The computer reads service air bag, low battery and service security system. It was turning for awhile and now it won't even do that. Could this be the mirror shorting out the system? We were going to pull the mirror fuse but we didn't see one in the manual. We're gonna try other jumper cables. Any thoughts?... thanks guys!

10-03-04, 02:20 PM
Just put some electrical tape on the ends of the mirror wires as a precaution, but I do not think it is the mirror causing the shortage. It sounds like your battery is completely drained, passed the point of recharging. Try putting a new battery and see what happends.