: 3.6l 6-Speed - Up to 1!

10-03-04, 11:44 AM
Well, it is now October and we have a whole sum of (1) 3.6l six-speed manual in the hands of a buyer that has responded to a thread in this forum.

I ordered my vehicle in July... still no vehicle after numerous promises from folks at GM they would move it up in production scheduling. Obviously these are empty promises. They can't do a thing about it.

There are several others in the thread the ordered their vehicle in the same timeframe of June and July.

Folks, it is very simple.... I have been told since May that this vehicle would "start in production next month". Well, it is now October and the combination is still on "engineering validation hold". There are three possible conclusions to offer for the delay...
1) Transmissions not available.
2) Engineering and/or production is not ready for the option.
3) Marketing is holding the product back.

The public statement is that it is on engineering hold. OK, that means they were not ready in powertrain development. If it is not ready, then they should state it when the order was placed!

In any of these three cases, it is GM's fault (they picked the supplier) or active decision. It obviously is not a priority to fulfill orders they have in-hand.

Moral of the story..... This powertrain combo is not a priority. Only vehicles that are mainstream (auto tranny) are really in their target demographic. The only time you can count on this combo to be ready is when they want to offer it for sale in Europe (supposedly the plan if you read the trade rags). If they want to compete with the plethora of performance sedans in Europe, they will be laughed at for not having a manual option ready for sale.

So GM, when is the 2005 launch scheduled for Europe?

If you want a manual, go foreign or get ready to pony up $50,000 for the "priviledge" to have a manual. This is something their competitors - or their targeted competitors - would never do. From their perspective, it would be heresy not to have a manual transmission option from the day the vehicle is offered for sale to the public.

10-05-04, 07:01 PM
Was the vehicle you ordered in May a 2004 or a 2005?

10-11-04, 01:14 AM
It was a 2005. They started production of the 2005s at the end of May. They started showing up at dealerships in June.

10-13-04, 09:41 PM

It appears that the powertrain is starting to roll of the line. I have been told my vehicle has been built. I am looking forward to picking it up. Others on a CTS thread are stating similar experiences.

I will be curious about the "feel" of this new transmission. I have a strong suggestion to GM/Cadillac marketing - please start placing the 6-speed on some dealers lots for test drives. I understand that the manuals are a minor market segment when compared to sales of automatics, but potential buyers should get the chance to test drive one.

Every dealer I spoke with while I was trying to locate an '04 3.2l Getrag 5 locally for a test drive, stated they did not have one on the lot nor would they due to lack of demand. It is difficult to develop demand if test drives are impossible to find.

Well, they have started to make 'em - I hope more order 'em. We need to keep manuals an option for us diehards.


11-14-04, 10:19 AM
At least 4 vehicles have been delivered to active members in the forum. The level of comments has decreased significantly. The only inference I believe one can make is that they are spending time driving their car then talking about when they are going to receive their car.

Basically, everyone seems pleased with the vehicle. There has only been one concern from an owner that seemed to be having a mechanical issue with second gear.

Anyway, for a very complete rundown on the 6-speed manual, please refer to this thread.


Also, there are a couple of guys that were extremely helpful within GM regarding the delivery of my car - R. Teasley (Zone Manager) and a gentleman within Cadillac brand management. To GM management - please note, their assistance, involvement, and explanation of the situation is what convinced me to wait to receive this vehicle. I was one day away from getting a competitive vehicle.

Also, since I have had it, I have let at least 5 other individuals drive it. Granted, not all are going to buy the vehicle - but at least two are now considering it (manual) and another is looking for a used 2003/2004 CTS with the 5 speeed Getrag. My point is that you (CTS Marketing) has to get some of these manuals onto Dealers lots for test drives.


11-28-04, 02:57 PM
I ordered a 05 CTS with 6 speed on Nov. 15th. I wish that there were cars equiped with the manually trannies to try but I decided to buy one primarily from the positive feed back from other people on this site. If it wasn't for that I'd still be waiting to try one before purchasing.

I have to say I never thought I would be buying a Caddy. It was always percieved by me as a old mans car, soft cushy ride, a status car to old foggies. Not a type of car I would ever buy. I only buy cars with manual transmissions. Its been a long dry spell as far as new cars with manual trannies. I have owned 4 Ford Taurus SHO's all with 5 speeds, a Mazda 626, and other older cars all with 4 or 5 speeds. I was looking at BMW 325's and 330's, Audi A4 3.0's, Mazda 6's and I even looked at the new GTO. I was leaning heavily towards the BMW's when I found out that the 05 CTS came with a bigger engine and a different trans than the one with a 5 speed I had driven about a year ago and was sorely disapointed with. This engine earased the biggest problem with the earlier CTS's, lack of go.

Well I drove a 05 CTS with a slush box and was very happy with, that and this board convinced me to buy. I am glad I can buy American and get a car that I feel is every bit as nice as the beammers. I would rather buy American.

Now I just have to hang in there and wait. I've been lead to beleive that I should see my car in December. I'll adivse when it comes in.

Soon to be owner of Reline 05 CTS W/6 speed, lux. pack, sport pack, Xeon lights, Folding rear seat, Bose radio.
OHH, I can't wait!!