: Did I just get screwed? Twice? BRAKE ISSUES

03-04-11, 12:31 PM
I had to get new rotors installed so I took it to Overland Tires and not the dealership, when I got the car back the parking brake didn't work. I took it back in and they said that the parking brake shoe had been worn down and the new rotor was cracked. The supposably replaced both parts and now my parking brake doesn't work again.

03-04-11, 01:44 PM
The answer is yes

03-04-11, 01:54 PM
Is this question rhetorical? Of course you got screwed. You took your car to get rotors replaced and now the parking brake doesn't work. They said they fixed it and now it still doesn't work.

If your car is like most on here the parking brake probably wasn't dialed in all that well from the get go. So you could most likely move the vehicle with it set with a little extra gas. Not that big of a deal for just moving it around the lot but it would make a grinding noise. For them to say the shoe got worn down completely and the new rotor cracked makes me think somebody took it out for a joy ride with the parking brake engaged. They probably turned around soon though with all the bells going off.

This is all just speculation as to how it happened, but bottom line ya got screwed...twice.

03-06-11, 06:06 PM
i definately would be making a phone call to the owner/manager of the shop, and have them pay for caddy dealer to fix it right. good luck. during initial inspection, they would have wrote something saying that the parking brake wasnt functional during drop off, that would have covered their butt. So if it is not in the paper work, and this liability is on the shop. case closed. all pre-work inspections write up includes pre-existing conditions to cover the shops work typically. it is the smart thing to do.

addition: would i take it back there after complaining? probably not..

03-06-11, 06:58 PM
:hmm: Sounds like the mechanic did not know how to do a proper brake job.

The shoes should have been inspected upon removal of the rear rotors.
A proper adjustment for the parking brake should be possible,

AND if Not, the customer should be informed that new shoes would need to be purchased.

When it comes to BRAKES - :tisk: No Shop should let a vehicle out of their garage without all parts working properly.
:thehand: Big Liability problem for that shop.:shtf:owner.