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03-04-11, 09:34 AM
I'm looking at a 2006 V in town, and trying to figure out what my number should be. It's got 65K miles, black/black and looks to be in pretty good shape from the pictures.

The differential was replaced according to carfax - "axle housing / integral carrier replaced" - at 53k (I assume that means the differential was replaced anyway given the known issues with the diff.

There is a woodgrain dash kit installed on it, I'm assuming it's a sticker set and that's the only thing I can see from the pics that is wrong with it.

Obviously I have to go test drive it and plan on doing that tomorrow, but assuming it runs/drives OK, what $$ amount should I be shooting for?

Book values have the trade in for a clean car at about 19.8K. However, I do know that this car was purchased by this dealer at an auction just under 1 month ago, so I highly doubt they paid that number. They are asking 22,995, I'm thinking I want to end up at about 20K tops.

Is that line of thinking correct? I don't have a lot of experience dealing with car negotation and if I come in offering 19,500 to start, I don't want to break the deal before one can be made.

03-04-11, 10:03 AM
I paid 20k for my 05 w/ 55k miles.

It has some cosmetic issues...(paint chipping on the mirror, broken speaker grille on the back door, messed up drivers headrest, trunk struts are shot)

All easy stuff to fix....but if its in great shape, the price they are asking fro seems to be pretty good

03-04-11, 10:43 AM
If you are open to a modded 07, let me know.

03-04-11, 11:10 AM
I just checked kbb.com and it says $25,040 for clean retail. That seems a bit high, but you are going to have a hard time talking them into anything much below what they are asking. Instead of negotiating price you might be better off trying to negotiate new tires, brakes and/or some sort of warranty depending on what condition the car is in.

Also check if the tires on the car are runflats. At this point they were probably replaced with non-runflat tires. If so you may try to negotiate a spare tire/wheel/jack into the deal.


03-04-11, 11:24 AM
whoops - replied to wrong thread...

03-05-11, 12:52 AM
paid $20,500 for my 2005 w/ 49,500miles & its a very clean car... thats in AR

03-05-11, 01:13 AM
I'd think that if you got it for ANYTHING under $20k, you'd be doing great.

As it is, if the car is well taken care of, even up to $21k would be good, IMHO.

My negotiation dialogue:

Me: "Wow. Nice car, but I don't think I can offer you enough for the car."

Salesman: "Well, what can you do?"

Me: "I really don't want to insult you. I'd be stretching it at $19,500."

Salesman: "Can you do $20,000?"

Me: "Hm-m ... wow ... let me think ... I'd still need to put new rear tires on. I could do $20k if you can put new rear tires on."

Salesman: "Okay. You've got a deal. I'll draw up the paperwork. You're gonna like this car."

You could plug in different numbers, and I'm sure there're a hundred ways to deal as everybody has his or her way of doing it. Whatever you do, good luck!

03-05-11, 01:52 PM
I paid $25K for an '06 with 33K miles last November. It was a little on the high side, but after two months of searching for the car I wanted (06-07 Platinum Silver/Ebony...I don't care what the build numbers are, it's harder to find them with the ebony interior than it is with the tan), I wasn't ready to let it slip away.

03-06-11, 05:54 PM
Just remember that what ever # you agree on, then dealer includes extra fees, perhaps as stated above -> tell them you can afford (X-value) with tax,title, document fees included. that will save you $$. extra 20-30 bucks a month for X amount of months adds up, with interest. worst case they say no, then you ask for an extra 1k off the price

03-06-11, 06:01 PM
Paid $20K out the door for my '05 with 33K miles in May 2010. Bone stock and not a scratch, chip, dent or blemish anywhere to be found. Previous owner kept her in the garage and traded up to a V2.

03-06-11, 08:44 PM
that may be the cradle, not the diff. you need an invoice. if it was at a dealer, ask for the invoice and the rest of the history of the car.


I don't think $20k-23k range is far off. ask them to add an extended warranty for the price, tires, motor mounts? anything else it needs and pay asking price. you know there's got to be $2-5k in the price, play with it how you see fit/needed.

03-07-11, 09:21 AM
I went in on Saturday and saw the car, it's all in pretty good order, clean except for a small scuff on the front bumper. No rock chipping. MMs are good, shocks are good, interior is clean, no abnormal noises from the engine or play in the clutch.

Test drove it and did all the tests to check the diff/clutch and it drives real nice.

I probably spent 45 minutes out of the hour we were negotiating shaking my head telling him we were too far off and thanks for this time. lol Instead of moving the retail price, they just kept upping thei offer on my trade, but with what my car is really worth wholesale, the price for the V was basically 20,500-20,700, so I think I'm doing ok and I'm happy with that number.

Going back this evening with the wife and the 3 month old + carseat to get the signonff from her on it before we move ahead with purchasing.