: Stalls when stopping/stopped

03-04-11, 03:44 AM
This is my 99 with Jake's rebuild. This problem cropped up a few days ago. Ive tested as many scenerios as i can think of, and here is what i got.

The car has been idling a tiny bit rough, in park or at full stop in gear. Just a slight stumble every 3-10 seconds. Last week, the winshield washer lines were clogged. I lost the quick connect in the process... and hit the sprayer. It sprayed a bit on the firewall side of the engine bay. I could hear the coil pack/wires arcing. Was out of time, so i made a note of it and left the shop.

Couple days later finaly got the missfire code, decided to do the wires first because i was offered a set of Accelero 8.8mm northstar wires for free. That and i had noticed the stumble was worse and the engine was losing power, big time.

Installed new wires, quick inspection of coils for cracks, found nothing else visibly wrong. What a difference the wires made. I still notice a miss every minute or so at idle, or when stopped. But the car doesnt shake any more at lights and stop signs. Also, power loss is gone, shes back to normal.

Next day, stumble is worse, misses are more frequent. Car stalled sitting in the driveway. More stalls throughout the day, and following days. Today it stalled at a light and would not start for at least 5 minutes. It would fire and just die. Finaly got it running and pulled into the gas station 20 feet away. It was on Empty, i actualy thought id run out of gas but the Range showed 65km as i was pulling in, so i know there is fuel.

Since then its been randomly stalling at stop lights and any other full stops, and tonight actualy it stalled as i was turning the corner onto my street, probably doing under 10km/h. Ive made it stall in neutral WITHOUT touching the brake.

My 98 ran perfect, i have tons of spare parts, but dont know what to try first. Im thinking:

Fuel filter, coil pack, then toss up between plugs / fuel pump. The plugs look identical, and i mean identical, to the plugs in my 97, which are also ACDelcos, i dont know how old the plugs are in the 99, the plugs in the 97 have around 30,000km on them. Both sets of plugs the tips are greyish coatings with sorta white where they spark. Where the porcelin starts at the metal that the socket grabs, both sets of plugs are stained red.

Should i be looking at anything on the intake?

Oh, the only code through the entire freaking list on the car is:

P1599, stall or near stall detected. Thats helpful!

03-04-11, 06:45 AM
Dont forget the possibility of injectors...

03-04-11, 02:54 PM
Have you checked the fuel pressure?

03-04-11, 03:19 PM
waiting on a pressure gage.

If it makes any difference; it only seems to stall when warmed up? I let it warm up out front of the house today (in the rain btw) and it stayed running. Only after i went for a drive did it stall, about 10 minutes later.

03-10-11, 07:45 PM
all fixed, and didnt cost me a dime.

I had a set of Accel 8.8 mm wires given to me. Put them on and the car ran good for a day, had a small missfire at idle. Next day was horrible, constant stalling. I drove for a day with the idle speed sensor unplugged. To sum it up:

Pulled fuel rails and injectors from my 98 $0 (ooooh! i took some pictures of THAT damage...)
Pulled plugs from my 98 $0 (20,000 on them)
Changed a few sensors off the intake. I was going to use the whole intake but there were CHUNKS OF ENGINE BLOCK! inside the intake....

Fired the car up, it ran like ass.....

Started pulling plug wires to find one that didnt change how it ran, and i found a few. Stuck an old plug into the boot of one accel wire and what do you know, it wont go on all the way. We had pushed the boots on to the point they had to be squished on, and they had popped off the spark plug heads. Caused a gap between the plug and wire. Melted the tips off 2 plugs. So i trimmed the boots down and checked fit with the dummy plug, put it all back together, and shes back to almost-new.

Anyone who wants to see the damage i did to my 98, ill be bumping that thread with pics. (RIP My 98, engine goes BOOM!....)