: Recall(s)

03-02-11, 05:54 PM

Tomorrow, I will be returning to my dealer, for two (2)
recall procedures. In January, I received notification from
Cadillac concerning the front safety belt buckle anchor
(Safety Recall #10370).

A second page described a potential problem in which "over
time the power steering gear return line may wear ...".
"..dealer will install a protective sleeve over the power steering
gear return line with a bracket".

Curiously, G.M. did not assign a recall number to that
corrective procedure to be performed.

03-04-11, 01:27 PM
UPDATE: Operation was successful. Both
procedurers were completed in one hour!

03-07-11, 04:22 PM
Had the power steering recall done and now I have a noise from the power steering unit when I turn the wheel either left or right at slow speeds. Into the dealer today, but my service advisor told me when I took it in that they have had this problem only with SRXs that have had the recall work done.