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03-02-11, 02:45 PM
My wife picked up her new 2011 CTS Coupe last Friday and she can't stop looking in the rear view mirror for the police. She really feels like we stole this great car.

After shopping our local dealer for about six months, and getting different numbers every time in, I finally went looking out of town. I walked into Carbone Cadillac in Yorkville NY and told the salesman, Robert Lewis Thompson, that I was shopping lease deals on a new CTS Coupe. He consulted with his sales manager Chris and within minutes Robert and I were sitting in Chris's office. No crap and no BS. The numbers Chris gave me were the numbers I had been looking for from my local dealer. Needless to say I was interested. I returned to Carbone a week later after doing some research on the dealer. Chris and I hammered out the details and I left to give my local dealer one last chance. They were $50 a month higher. I called Chris and gave him a deposit.

The car is an AWD Performance Coupe with the Performance Luxury Package and the Sunroof. It is Radiant Silver Metallic with an Ebony interior.

Oh yeah, about the stolen part. Sticker was $48,470 and the lease is 39 months at $389.99 per month with $2,000 OOP plus tax, title and etc.

It was great to find a dealer that wasn't into playing games but rather in giving the buyer what he actually wanted. I can't recommend Robert and Chris enough.

03-02-11, 05:52 PM
Welcome to the board! It's always good to hear someone's first experience with the "new" Cadillac being an exemplary one. Enjoy your new ride.

03-02-11, 06:02 PM
Wow, that's a cheap lease!

03-02-11, 06:09 PM
Wow, that's a cheap lease!


03-02-11, 08:19 PM
Congratulation on the new Cadillac! Glad you found the forum.

03-02-11, 08:32 PM
Greetings and salutations (though the pitch sounds like it belongs in the Cadillac dealer reviews section, or possibly the Feedback section of their website).

Anyone want to have an over/under for how long the OP sticks around on the board?

03-02-11, 09:02 PM

03-03-11, 10:39 AM
Well billc83 I assure you it is not a pitch.

Having spent my life in wholesale and retail I know quality customer service from the inside out. If I find someone who provides this I like to share the good news. As I'm sure you know, the best you can usually hope for is to be ignored when you enter a place of business.

Because this is such a good time to buy American, especially Cadillac, I am looking for any way I can spread the this news. When you can get something like the CTS Coupe for way less than many other cars don't you think lots of people would like to know?

Oh, on the over/under. I am 68 so I'd take the under. Who knows how much longer I'll last.