View Full Version : how do you replace the K 134 switch on a 2000 catera

03-01-11, 06:32 PM
i have a new K134 switch. my radio will shut off completely from time to time and a few dash lights r malfunctioning sometimes. iv been instructed to replace the k134 switch but im not sure exactly what to do. i have the repair manuals. any help would be much appreciated.

03-01-11, 06:51 PM
it is a rectangular shaped box. remove the cardboard above the foot pedals under the dash. U will need a flashlight.

Now lay on the floor of your carwith your head near the brake pedal.. look at the back side of the dash as if your looking at the light switch control from behind the dashboard. its located in that area.. sorta like where the e brake pedal would be if we had a floor mounted one.

you can find it new for 60-95 dolors and sodder it yourself. I bought a new one from gm with 1 yr warranty. no problems in the last yr.

heater controll valve behind motor look from passenger side of car toward rear of motor its there between the firewall and motor.. kinda difficult area.

Do a search on here. there are a lotta posts. I have posted instructions on the k134 relay befor.. and I think i stated it better. the box has a slide mount on the back.