: Rock Auto screws up take a threat to contact the BBB and AG to get them to Live up

03-01-11, 11:16 AM
Rock Auto Contacts me today saying that i would have to pay full price because there warehouse messed up and did not have the louse out item i purchased and they sold me
so they contact me saying if id like that fuel pump i have to pay full regular price of 168 or something like that
i spend 2 hours on phone arguing
whyll back and fouth i am also typing up letter to

BBB and AG

after they say well if you want that you have to then they say they can ship out of warehouse in Cleveland but i still have to pay full price they cant let me pick up when its 5 minutes from where i live or 10 minutes or what ever

i say can i have your Email address please
the rep gives it to me
i send them copy of letter for BBB and AG

they look put me on hold 5 minutes

a Supervisor comes on phone and say we are very sorry for the trouble

we can ship this out to you today you will have it no latter then tomorrow afternoon at the latest
and i will be 10 dollars more then you already paid for for 100.29 cents im getting the regular stock fuel pump

this just shows that
when you know what your saying and who to talk to and
company really do fret and get scared when you try to cause them more trouble but they don't want to live up to there mistakes

well this just shows that you can overturn a company at times