: Clutch lifting to floor under acceleration - dealer can't solve

02-28-11, 11:00 PM
I've been having issues with my 07 V. I picked it up Certified Pre-Owned with 41k miles on it in June 2010. Since then, I've had 8 warranty repairs not including the issues below. My original warranty expires in April.

Right now I'm having an issue with the clutch lifting to the floor under acceleration. It does it when I'm changing lanes and accelerating to the other lane's speed. Here's the sequence of events that this occurs. I tend to drive like a grandpa, so this normally happens at ~15mph and I'm in 3rd gear. I've had it happen in 2nd (10) and a few times in 4th (45) though. 3rd at 15 is kinda a high gear so the engine speed should drop to match my actual speed, but it doesn't and keeps revving. The sound of the engine not matching the car's speed is how I now notice the issue.

Braking to give room in front; clutch is pressed to floor
Signal on, letting clutch come up from floor
Accelerating as simultaneously as possible to when clutch engages
Engine will rev and car sounds like it is about to go
Instead of engine matching car speed, engine continues to rev
The clutch pedal gets light and has no resistance
If I continue to accelerate, the clutch pedal will lift and stay on the floor

The first time I experienced the problem, I was accelerating to get onto the highway in 4th and the clutch lifted and stuck to the floor. The clutch wouldn't lift from the floor without a firm push, then it returned light, but normal. I drove the car to the Cadillac dealership the next day. It did it again to me on the highway on the way to the dealership. They couldn't reproduce the problem after driving it 200 miles. I had them change the oil, but that was all they did at that visit.

Since getting it back, Iíve driven the car about 1200 miles. I've had the problem happen over a dozen times. I took the car into the dealership again today. I've got 48990 on it, and asked them to try fixing the problem again. I went driving with a supervisor and then a mechanic. I was able to reproduce the problem for them, but they were not able to get the car to do it. Though the supervisor was just driving my car - it didn't seem like he was trying to reproduce the problem. The mechanic and supervisor both said it sounded like the slave cylinder. But they werenít going to fix anything since they couldnít reproduce the problem themselves. I left the car with them for another 100 miles and theyíll put it on a lift later this week when their transmission tech can look at it.

Iíve flushed the clutch fluid from the reservoir using a syringe twice since getting my car back last year. I flushed it the first time right after getting it back, but the problem still kept occurring. I flushed it again about 200 miles later, but the problem still occurred. Each time I flushed it, I used a whole can of 88958860, the fluid recommended in the ownerís manual. Flushing the clutch fluid did help with putting the car in 1st gear and reverse. I also checked the clutch for slippage, and it grabs fine in a high gear. The guys that drove with me today didnít mention anything either.

I donít think itís normal to have so many issues with the car. Iím not sure whether Iím getting good service from the dealer. They didnít notice the dark clutch fluid when I took the car in the first time. I donít know what else to try or what else it could be. I live in Houston, so I plan on trying another dealer if they donít find anything this time. If you guys suggest another fix, Iíll take my car to a private shop Ė I just want my car fixed. I think this is a big safety issue. I donít want something to happen while driving it.

02-28-11, 11:33 PM
You are not flushing the fluid if you are extracting it.

You need to pump it out, ie. REMOTE BLEEDER.

The return springs in the V OEM clutch are known to stick/weak return.

Replace the clutch and get a remote bleeder.

03-01-11, 12:58 AM
Thanks, I couldn't think of a better word other than flushing. If it is the springs in the clutch, am I experiencing chatter instead of slippage?

03-01-11, 11:17 AM
Thanks, I couldn't think of a better word other than flushing. If it is the springs in the clutch, am I experiencing chatter instead of slippage?

If it is the springs packs not returning I would still consider that a form of slipping. You'll know chatter when you break in a new clutch; it's very distinct.

I'm wondering if you might have got some air trapped in the system in conjunction with the usual dirty fluid. Do a real good flush and real good bleed and take it from there. If it's still a systemic issue after that you'll probably have to disassemble further to find the problem.

03-01-11, 12:38 PM
I had issues just like that at one point and it was a bad clutch pressure plate. It seems that when you are letting out the clutch pedal and the pressure plate has not returned to the full pressed position while increasing the rpm's, the 'fingers' in the pressure plate are not strong enough anymore to overcome the centrifugal force. Thus the pressure plate doesn't fully press against the clutch disc until the wheelspeed more closely matches the engine speed.

03-01-11, 04:33 PM
happens to mine all the time, I hate it sooo much, I guess its clutch and remote bleeder time

03-01-11, 05:08 PM
Which dealer you taking it to?

Sewell Cadillac just moved in Houston, they're at McGinnis' old location off I-10 and Dairy Ashford.

My car is there now :)

03-02-11, 07:22 PM
Which dealer you taking it to?

Sewell Cadillac just moved in Houston, they're at McGinnis' old location off I-10 and Dairy Ashford.

My car is there now :)

I lived in Stafford when I bought the car last year, so I started taking it to David Taylor. It's there now, but I'm thinking of changing. I bought the car from Sewell in Dallas. I wasn't very happy with the service and I'm not too happy with the number of things that have gone wrong with the car in such a short time. I'm thinking of trying the Midtown location since I live inside the loop. I'll keep Sewell in mind, it's just far.

03-03-11, 12:38 PM

Sewell only has one location...that one on I-10, they literally just moved in and put up new signs. They're supposed to completely redo the entire dealership.

DO NOT GO TO STEWART...since you've already bought from Sewell suck it up and take it there, you get a free loaner if under warranty.

I was driving mine up to Dallas for warranty work until they moved down here...one instance they let me drive one of their CTS loaners back to Houston for a week.

Seems to me the dealers in Houston don't really care unless you bought your car from them, Sewell down here was a breath of fresh air.

03-07-11, 08:39 PM
I'm going to pickup my clutch from David Taylor Cadillac tomorrow. They did not perform any work on the clutch system. They did find an oil leak at the oil pan, so they replaced the gasket.

Since they had never heard of this problem before, their shop supervisor said he would post on some GM service center forums. He hasn't had any responses (big surprise). They say that they did put the car on a lift and visually inspected the clutch, but other than driving it, that was the only thing they did related to the clutch.

03-07-11, 11:13 PM
lol drive it around the block and just pull back in then. Sounds like the pressure plate to me as well. Happens a lot with the SAC pressure plate.