: Oil distribution after rebuild?

02-27-11, 10:41 PM
I have 2001 Catera. The accessory belt tore, jumped into the timing cover and wound up around the crank causing the timing to skip and bending valves. I had the heads off and sent to the machine shop. They replaced all the valves and cleaned up the head nicely with a cut on the sealing surface. I used the Felpro head gasket to seal up and used the Alldata specs for the whole assembly of the motor. One thing I didn't really pay attention to was the head gasket's fit on the engine in a sense of oil supply holes. I lined it up with the dowels with the gasket saying "TOP" facing up. Everything went well.

Well after I started the motor I knew the valvetrain would be loud because it all oilless (used engine assembly lube on all surfaces. It ran for about 30-45 seconds beautifully but the lifters and valve train never really got quieter. So it made me worry. I had good oil pressure around 60psi but I just had this feeling that something isn't right. I shut her off and am going to get an inspection camera into the head through the oil fill hole tomorrow. That way I can make sure oil is getting in the head.

Do I have any concern to worry or should I be fine? Looking into the head for oil through the filler tube I didn't see a pool anywhere.. and the bottom of the block had oil in it according to the dipstick.

So basically I was wondering if anyone has any experience with how long the valve train noises quiets down with the oil getting to the heads properly. It was not revved only idling. Should I rev lightly to push oil up to certain spots or just let it idle a little longer?

03-01-11, 07:08 PM
The lash adjusters on these things are terrible about getting pumped back up, but not to worry, it may sound terrible but you aren't going to hurt anything by running it that way. You aren't going to get them pumped up by idling though - start the car and let it warm up for a couple of minutes, then go drive around the block with low-moderate throttle, then back around at moderate throttle a few times, and once you've got it up near operating temperature, give her full throttle on a couple of passes ... you will find that all or most of them shut up but pray you don't have a few stragglers that insist on staying noisy or you'll have to drive it around for a few days (and drive it fairly hard, high load/rpm) to get them quieted.

03-04-11, 07:29 PM
Seems like it quieted down after 5 minutes of idling to a complete quiet running motor again. Glad it did :-)

Thanks for the reply buddy!