: 08 ext voided warranty

02-27-11, 10:05 PM
I have an 08 ext that i bought new with 37xxx miles now.when it had 35xxx miles it started one morning to say check eng and service stavility so i tock it to the dealer and after i week they fixed it they daid i piston went out on it and that they checked to see if the block was craked and that everything was good.Well after 2600 milethey told me thats to be exact the motor went out on it.so now they told me that they cant fix it under warranty because they found that the motor wasint factory calibrated.I told them that i had a superchips programer and that they told me at the dealer were i bought my truck that that woulnt void my warranty they even sell them at the dealer where i boght my truck but were i took it it was a different dealler cause i moved from the town where i bought it from.I called superchips and told them my situation and they told me theres no way the programer or any settings in it could of cause the motor to go out so as of now the powertrain of my caddy is void i need help cause i now that the motor was deffective and theyre putting it on the programer what can i do to resolve this problem thanks:bighead:

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-01-11, 01:09 PM
Evilx3, thank you for letting me know about the issues you are having. Unfortunately GM has a strong stance against modifications. This is the documentation that I have been able to find on modification.

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty does NOT cover any damage or failure resulting from modification, alteration or suspected tampering, to the vehicle's original equipment as manufactured or assembled by General Motors. Any changes to the GM Powertrain, Fuel, or Emission Systems that involve modifications, conversions, or the addition of non-GM approved products will void the GM Powertrain Limited. GM will not be responsible for costs associated with the repair of these vehicles due to failure of the aftermarket installed components or failures of related vehicle systems induced by these non-GM approved products. Further more, if determined appropriate, the GM Field Representative can proceed with voiding certain portions of the vehicle’s warranty.

Some dealerships will install modifications to vehicles that GM produces and some that we do not. Then some will not perform any work under warranty for vehicles that have any kind of non GM modifications which would be the servicing dealership at this point. I apologize but the coverage for you at this point would be up to your servicing dealership. What I would like to do though is to setup a case for you. If you would private message me your information I would like to do this for you.

Jeff Morris, Cadillac Customer Service