View Full Version : Weird Tapping.

AL Cool Dates
02-26-11, 04:26 PM
Hey guys, I had to throw my spare on the car after catching a flat (hit a real nasty pothole, NY Streets for you!) yesterday night. After I was done, I started driving and 10 minutes later I heard like this weird repeated tapping noise coming from the trunk area and I also noticed the fuel cap light was blinking in and out. I pulled over to check that cap and it was on correct, so I removed it and the usual swish from the pressure let out. I put the cap back on, started the car and no more tapping. What was all that about if anyone knows? could my fuel pump be on its way out? Oh, and I was a notch above empty at the time so could a low fuel level cause this also?

02-27-11, 01:36 AM
What fuel cap light? Might have been one of thoe EVAP sensors going off. Any codes? If not, then don't worry about it. That I know of...

AL Cool Dates
02-28-11, 08:19 AM
No codes, and fuel cap light located between the ABS and Transmission "S" lights on the dash.