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10-02-04, 11:31 AM
I recently purchased a 75 500 complete for my 79 Coupe deville. i plan to build the motor over the winter for the car and swap out the tired 425. I would like to know what to do on the buildup so it can take a 125-150 shot of nirtous. I have a nitrous setup on my northstar Fiero. The Caddy will be partial daily driver in the summer. I know my engine has the smaller cc heads. I plan to port and polish the heads , edlebrock intake , mts cam , headers and true duals. I want the car to last. I am contemplating swapping out the stock 2.29 diff in favour of a 3.08 dic brake axle I have lying around from a 9c1 caprice. Also what fuel pump do you guys run? Any easy ways to pickup a few more cubes from the caddy?

I would like the car to be a solid 13 sec daily drive.r I am replacing my current daily driver which is a money pit 97 BMW M3... Figure I may as well drive the caddy I have had it 10 years and it was my grandmothers.

Don't car too much about gas mileage as ther eis no way it could possible cost as much to drive as the M3.

Any Thoughts?



lux hauler
10-02-04, 12:19 PM
I hate to direct info away from this board to another but I believe you will find the help you need at http://www.***************/forum/ . There are people there that can put you on the right track with a nitrous build for a big cad. Most of the "heavy hitters" in BB Caddy's hang out there.
Good luck and keep us informed.

lux hauler
10-02-04, 12:25 PM
I guess I'm not allowed to give you the info you need......it won't let me post the link. God forbid someone get the info they need from somewhere other than this board. :rolleyes2

In place of the *'s enter cowboyseven . us or email me phicks3nospam@centurytel.net (just remove the "nospam" part).