: New SRX vs CTS Wagon

02-24-11, 02:15 PM
After 7 years of mostly happy ownership of my 2004 SRX, it's about that time. Anybody have an opinion on an SRX vs a CTS wagon? As if no one here would!! :)


My apologies if this is a worn out topic..

02-24-11, 02:31 PM
Well..... Since you asked. :yup:

I just purchased a new 2011 SRX Premium FWD in late January. Tested both the CTS wagon and SRX. Two things influenced me:

1) More cargo volume in SRX. I needed this for travel with 3 people and their luggage.

2) I found the front sears in the SRX to be much more comfortable. But this is a personal preference. Everybody is different.

The CTS wagon is certainly better handling (being RWD), and a sportier drive.

02-24-11, 05:35 PM
Bob, I think you got your moneys worth out of the 04.

The SRX is a SUV, and the wagon, is, a wagon.
There is no comparison to the cargo opening or space.
Height kills ya in the wagon.
I had two first gens. 04 & 06. I looked very hard at the wagon.
Very happy I chose the SRX. Though if you don't need cargo space,
the wagon is one sweet ride.

I did show up at the dealer with my golf bag, hockey bag, hockey sticks,
and ski's. Got some weird looks, but at least l knew before I bought it,
how everything would fit.

If you need assistance with your purchase, I can offer a suppliers discount.

02-24-11, 08:10 PM
I'm not sure,but isn't the wagon a lot higher priced?

02-24-11, 08:23 PM
Wagon: $38625.00 - $52940.00
SRX: $34430.00 - $55850.00

02-24-11, 09:51 PM
If you need the utility go with the SRX. But keep in mind that the new SRX has quite a bit less cargo lenght than your 2004. The only real reason to go with the CTS wagon is if you want the handling and dynamics of the sedan based wagon.

Smokin' SRX
02-24-11, 11:23 PM
Wagon is sweet but I need more height to enhance ingress/egress.


02-25-11, 08:30 AM
Access/egress/cargo - go with the SRX
Sweet ass kickingness- go with the CTS V wagon

:D Just my opinion. I love them both. Even the non V wagon is sweet!

02-25-11, 11:15 AM
sweet ass kickingness!


02-25-11, 11:20 AM
Stealer told me back in the fall when I was driving vehicles, since the CTS wagon was on my short list, that they were going to disco it due to lack of sales????? For me, it was all about the cargo room, ingress/egress and as THECAP'N said " sweet ass kickingness"..........................LOL!

02-26-11, 05:49 PM
Thanks to everyone for the replies and thoughts, especially to GMJim for the cargo description and discount offer. I most definitely got my $$ worth out of the 2004. I just need to throw the occasional guitar and amp in to the back, hockey days are long since past for me! As soon as the weather breaks around here, I'll be doing some test driving.

Thanks again to all!