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10-01-04, 11:52 PM
hello i been reading about 472/500 engines for a while and would really like to put one in one of my projects. i have a 66 buick skylark and a 77 chevy cheyenne.which would be easier to put on and do you guys know what modifications i need.im really leaning towards the truck and i heard that you need to do some things to the oil pan?????and how abou the lark is it too hard??if any body knows i would really appreciate your help. :thumbsup:

barge master
10-06-04, 07:12 PM
I'd go with the truck. I put one in my 73 one ton and it was a good move. You need at least a 368/425 mid sump or an Eldo rear sump pan. Look back at someold threads and there's info about it. I think the Buick is a rear steer chassis which I would tend to think would make an Eldo pan mandatory to clear the steering. :welcome: