View Full Version : Belt size needed after removing smog pump on 472 ?

02-23-11, 07:30 PM
I own a 1973 Coupe DeVille with a 472. I'm wondering if anyone knows what size belt I would need in order to bypass the smog pump.

Thank You!

02-23-11, 08:53 PM
You can't just take off the smog pump... One belt goes around the crank , waterpump and smog pump... another goes around the waterpump[on a different pulley] and the Alt. ... If you take off the first one nothing turns the waterpump ... waterpump not turning means Alt. not turning... The only year bottom crank pulley , 1970, would let it work... it was the only year with 2 belts to the a/c comp and PS and one belt for the Alt. .. Complete pulley set-ups from 76 to 79 can be used ... they must have no smog pump... but the A/C and PS pulleys would also have to be changed...you could call MTS and see if he a 1970 crank pulley...