: Price request

02-23-11, 06:39 PM
I live in Leland so I would be picking up my parts. I just bought a 2000 Deville base model. I need prices on a passenger side rocker panel moulding. I need all the parts to mount the radio and climate control also everything the two parts are supposed to screw into are broken. And are the mirrors repairable? My passenger side mirror only goes left and right up and down feel free like it isn't attached to a motor. Anyway the vin is 1g6kd54y9yu194156

02-23-11, 07:04 PM
wow, that's a bunch of stuff...

the mirrors aren't really repairable sounds like the tabs holding the mirror glass to the motor are broken off (at least the up/down ones)

i'll post some illustrations and prices in the morning when i get back into work


02-24-11, 09:53 AM

02-24-11, 10:09 AM
for the mirror, you'll have to pop off the glass and inspect to see if the drive for the up/down has disconnected, broken, or gone missing
(hopefully it's just disconnected and you don't have to buy a whole new or used mirror)

for the dash parts you may be screwed... take a look at the illustrations and see if you think the parts you need are there
(it sounds like the dash itself may be damaged)

the right (passenger) side rocker panel is a bit easier ...
#15935712 $230.55 (list price) -- $171 (your price)
- there is a catch though - .... the parts catalog says that it may not match the other side and if you want it to match the only way is to buy a driver's side rocker panel

i do have both rocker panels in stock though ...

hope that helps... let me know if you've got any questions