: 07 Light Platinum, small rust spots

02-23-11, 04:46 PM
So I was doing rub down and wax. and on multiple areas(mostly on lower door areas, 1 or 2 on hood.) I found needle head sized rusting spots, I did some scraping with finger nail and cotton rag to get most of it off, and unseeable(upclose,that is). I just got 3-4 weeks ago, and drove recently, where we still had of the dissolved salt powder on the roads. The spots did NOT appear to be in/near scratchs, but

Are there metal bits in this paint? I can't imagine the 2 days days of driving could cause this so rapidly. Is this normal? I'm deeply hoping the wax protects this.

02-23-11, 06:17 PM
There was a notice out when the cars were first being delivered about rust spots.

They blamed it on not covering the cars when they shipped them by rail (wheel dust).

Don't think they will do anything about it now, but you can try.

02-23-11, 07:20 PM
"Rail dust" is a common problem, whether from actual railroads, or other sorts of fallout. If you have small slivers of rust on the surface of the paint, you for all intents and purposes have "rail dust". A claybar is a good way to address this.

02-23-11, 07:28 PM
Hood is aluminum, shouldn't be real rust.

02-23-11, 07:45 PM
Hood is aluminum, shouldn't be real rust.

The hood isn't rusting.

From the owners manual:

02-23-11, 11:26 PM
AQuartz Iron Cut, good stuff.