: Cooling problem

10-01-04, 04:14 PM
I've noticed that I get a bubbling from the coolant resevior, and sometimes steam. I have a 95 fleetwood brougham and I need to know what might be happening. I dont have much experiance on the reversed cooling system used on the LT1. Might it be a thermostat. I do notice that the cooling is not moving hot air its kewl air and there is a pretty big difference in temp between the top rad. hose and the bottm. Could it be head gaskets, I do not get a temp light but it does blow the coolant out of the reservior if i leave to top off other wise it just bubbles. Thanks in advance.

10-02-04, 12:36 AM
If the engine is warmed up and there is a big difference in hose temps, as in the lower hose being much cooler, then the best bet is to check the thermostat. Before you install a new stat, boil the old one and the new one in a pot of water. If they are the same temp stats, and the new one opens before the old one then you know your stat was failing. Coolant coming out of the reservior when the cap is off is normal. That is expansion from the heat.