: The strangest car ride you have ever had.

02-20-11, 08:05 PM
I remember it like it was yesterday, a friend of mine and I were walking up Main Street in Moorestown, New Jersey around 6:30 on a Saturday morning. It was a very foggy, cool morning and we were on our way to our high school to meet up with friends. The year was 1958. As we walked along on the sidewalk we sense a presence looming out of the fog in the roadway alongside us. It was early quiet in its' approach and really only made a sound when the brakes squealed as stopped beside us.

The door opened and the man driving ask us if we would like a ride. There on this foggy morning sat a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Doctor's Coupe. We accepted the ride which as for the length of the business district of the town. The driver dropped us off at the street leading down to our school and silently motored off into the fog.

I never saw the Rolls again, and I don't think we exchanged names, just a guy off on a Saturday morning drive in his Edwardian Rolls who decided to give a couple of high school kids a ride. Little did he know that at least I was a car buff the ride he offered was one I would remember for the rest of my life!

02-20-11, 08:21 PM
Strangest ride? Does strangest DRIVE count? I was parting out/scrapping a 1977 Dodge Powerwagon. Torch cut all of the body off, minus the structural sections of the cab to sell for scrap. The driveline was spoken for, so I drove it 5 miles away to the guy - only a frame, fuel tank, driveline, engine, firewall, bench seat and steering wheel with some makeshift tail lights zip tied to the rear framerails so that it looked like I at least attempted to be legal. Looked hilarious.

One of my relatives has pictures somewhere of me doing donuts across the street from the house before I left. If not, it's still sitting where I parked it with a tarp over the engine. I'll snap a shot.

02-20-11, 08:59 PM
I ran off from school was about maybe in 3rd grade i think not sure of the age because i was held back 1 year
princible came after me drove beside me walking for about 20 minutes i was like nope im not going back not for nothing
she said after about 20 minutes of driving next to me really slow and convinsing me to get in that she would let me sit on her lap and stear why she worked the gas peddle i was skinny back then and tinny was afte rthe first time i ever got sick from my cancer
drove back to the school only took about 2 minutes because we where going faster then my walking lol
pulled in to the parking lot cops where there because they reported a run away mom and dad where there panaking only lived 5 blocks from the school
and they all looked and no one said anything about me being a co driver with stearing the car
they just where amazed she got me to come back no one had ever been able to do that

that is when they found out i had a love for cars