View Full Version : Drive with Trans. Code?

10-01-04, 01:35 PM
I'm showing a P028 Current code which is the 2-3 shift solenoid (s?). My normal drive is only 6 miles each way to work, so it's not affecting my driveability so you could notice it--just the gas mileage is off and I can't use the cruise control.
Anybody know if there's any long term bad to driving a few hundred miles without doing this repair? I've been quoted about $350, which I think is right, but I'm still waiting for my wife to get over the $3200 head gasket bill which could take until after Xmas...thanks in advance!

10-04-04, 11:55 PM
After a bit of driving with the factory manual perched on the steering wheel and exploring the wonders of "PCM?" I've discovered that these are the A-B solenoids and that (at least in my case) the trans won't go into 4th gear. Data point 74 (9?) in PCM tells you the final drive ratio, which is 1.00 in 3d and .63 in 4th, which mine never reaches. This would account for the decline in gas mileage from about 18+ to 16 (city). I'm now guessing there's no particular harm in driving the car like this but I'm getting them fixed sooner rather than later and praying to the tranny gods everything else is ok.