: water pump cover gasket

02-19-11, 02:12 PM
Replaced this today, I got the updated Fel-Pro gasket 35694. Wow was I ever surprised when I got the cover off and saw all this leakage! It's odd I didn't notice it was loosing any coolant, because for the longest time I did smell a slight coolant smell when I walked in front of the car. I only finally noticed the wet spot on the cover yesterday after the car sat for 2 days. I think any time I ran the engine the coolant evaporated before I could see it.

So was the old gasket a problem with leakage like this? I hope the new design will be the end of this issue.


02-19-11, 06:34 PM
The seepage from the cover gaskets seems to be minimal at best. My '97 a seepage leak there. Bough a new gasket, but the seepage was so slow that I never had to add coolant. Figured I'd wait til it was water pump time to change it. It's still hanging in the garage.

02-20-11, 09:15 AM
This one finally got to the point where it was dripping... the only reason I noticed the leak was because I saw the wet spot on the trans cooler line below the water pump. I guess I'll see if this starts seeping again or not (hopefully not!).