: battery exchange

02-19-11, 01:33 PM
I just wanted to double check befor a swithed my battery.. disconnecting and replaceing it will not cause me any issue will it?? I have had the neg cable off trying to do a reset before.. I just wanted to be sure I would not lose any programing or anything.. thanks.

02-19-11, 11:25 PM
You will have to reprogram your automatic windows (hold window switch to open until fully open, hold for 5 seconds, then hold switch up till fully up, hold for 5 seconds. Repeat for all windows). Other than that, after you reconnect everything, before starting the car, turn the key to acc and leave it for about 5min to get all it's little configurations worked out. Then you should be set. As long as you have a factory radio all your presets should be saved. Same with seats, home-link, and all those goodies.

02-20-11, 11:14 AM