: how much do you spend a year on fuel

02-19-11, 10:03 AM
how mouch do you spend a year on fuel ?

I just figured the math out and on and im anywhere from 4500 -5000 dollars a year in gas before my rebates for credit card purchases go threw

in the last 10 years i have not ones payed for gas with cash
its always a credit card because i know i spend so darn mouch i want to get every penny back that i can lol

so how much do you spend a year on fuel

and is it for business drving or pleasure driving
if you want to break it up

what do you spend on work gas to get to and from work or to travel on business

and how much do you spend when it has nothing to do with work

02-19-11, 10:24 AM
Personally, I can't answer this question. While there are some obsessive car owners out there that track and log mileage numbers, I really don't know what my car gets long term. The price of fuel has really been a roller coaster over the past few years as well, so the numbers really wouldn't mean anything without setting a standard fuel price.

But, I'll play along.

I only drive about 7k a year or so as I've been lucky enough to live within 10 minutes of my jobs, school, family and friends. I also commute by bicycle when the weather permits. Using 3.00/gal and an estimated average mileage of an abysmal 18mpg's, I use about $1200 worth of fuel per year.

02-19-11, 10:38 AM
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No but really. No clue. If I take Drew's approach, I've had the car a year and put 10k on it... so figuring 18 combined according to fueleconomy.gov, and $3.00 a gallon, that's about $1650.

02-19-11, 10:44 AM
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02-19-11, 10:47 AM
Thank you, sir. :thumbsup:

02-19-11, 10:59 AM
i've been filling up every 10-12 days and spending $50-$60 per tank... so if we use the worst case scenario (10 days per tank and $60 per fill up) my yearly gas expenses are about $2190

02-19-11, 10:29 PM
$3,502.59 for 2010

20,492 miles for an average cost per mile of 17 cents.

On average I paid $3.10 per gallon for gas, almost all of it premium from Phillips or Shell. So that's an average of 18.13 miles per gallon for the year.

Yeah, I got an iPhone app for that - Gas Buddy.

02-20-11, 08:25 AM
Not only do I not know, I don't think I want to know! Both hearses get absolutely ABYSMAL gas milage. Highway, MAYBE 9-10mpg. City it goes to 3-4!! I calculated it once and just decided not to worry about it as they're not daily drivers.

02-20-11, 06:24 PM
Every year can be wildly different. Depends how gas is. In 2008, it was over $10G alone for the Town Car. The new V was driven about 20k miles last year. That was around $4G in addition.

I would guess my 2010 cumulative fuel bill was about $12G...

02-20-11, 07:18 PM
I'm with Doug^, I dont want to know. I average 15mpg all on either Shell or Chevron premium, less than 10K a year.

And with the T-brids's 7 liters and 4400lbs plus the required bottle of lead additive and octane booster per tank, I REALLY dont wanna know!

02-20-11, 08:52 PM
Well, here's my full breakdown for 2010 and my STS.


02-21-11, 12:38 AM
Between all my cars I'm in the neighborhood of $10k per year. The Dodge truck is bad, my E250 van is not that great but travels the most. The Jaguar is bad as well thusfar and my 383 Chevy powered '67 Cutlass isn't faring so well with mileage even though it is a 4 speed trans

02-21-11, 12:41 AM
How is that Jag anyway? Been awhile since we've seen or heard any updates.