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02-19-11, 08:53 AM
The mats on the SRX are kinda cheesy and I'm going to replace them. I'm looking at either getting the embroidered Lloyd mats, Weathertechs or the Caddy rubber mats.

What are your opinions or thoughts on these?

Smokin' SRX
02-19-11, 12:07 PM
So many good threads/posts here on mats. For what it's worth, Both Weathertech liners and Huskyliners are excellent. Husky a bit less expensive, and I think a bit quieter (15% ) under foot due to a slightly softer compound used. Less rigid it seems, but just as strong and excell fitment.

In rear I hated both Huskyliner & Weathertechs smallish, stiff liners. Went with a Heavy Duty universal, adjustable, Highland rubber mat, that holds quarts of snow/water/mud. Very soft under foot. Better floor coverage than the liner options.

I went with fabric, Qualitycar mats for summer use . A decent product (in Plush iteration) at about 1/2 the cost of super-plush Lloyd's. Lloyds are hands down thicker, in their best form.

See my Album if you wish, for some pix of Huskyliners front & rear. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/members/smokin-srx-albums-2010-platinum-ice.html

And Amazon for the $38 rear HD rubber mats (Highland brand) http://www.amazon.com/Highland-4604000-All-Weather-Black-Floor/dp/B0007CR70W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=automotive&qid=1298136715&sr=1-1

Good luck.


PS.........Caddy, like every new car I've owned since 1995, have terrible OE mats!

02-25-11, 03:44 PM

The dealership gave me the OEM all weather mat. They looks cool with cadillac logo but they don't cover all spaces. They cover the same area as the regular mat. I don't recommend to have them.

I am thinking about getting weathertech or husky liner. I might get husky liner because it's way less expensive.

Hope it helps.


02-25-11, 05:49 PM
O.K. If you walk over to that big filing cabinet, select letter "F",
(For what it is worth), I went whole hog with my SRX.
I have Lloyds Ultimats, 2 piece front, 1 piece 2nd seat,
and full cargo mat. I had the Cadillac logo embroidered
on the front mats, and the cargo mat. Outstanding quality
and precision fit! I have the Brownstone/Shale interior,
and selected their #650 Parchment. In my humble opinion,
it is a very close match to original. Fantastic under foot.
And my Min-Pin just loves to lie on the cargo mat, and rated
it as 'five paws'!

02-25-11, 07:40 PM
Whoops! Perhaps there are some that do not know what a "Min-Pin" is.
I'll 'splain. It is a Miniature Pincher dog. Although they resemble the
Doberman Pincher, this breed is not related to them. They have their own
roots and origin. They are small, very lively dogs, and quite amusing and
entertaining. Mine is now ten years old, and her name is Heidi.