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02-18-11, 10:02 PM
Seems like the Owners manual is lacking in clear instructions. First had problem with turning on Parking Assist, book instruction did not work, had to drive car for it to take effect.
The problem now is trying to program the memory seat and mirrors. Went trough the instruction in the manual with no avail. Manual says to adj. seat /mirrors and press seat button #1 or #2 untill two beeps are heard from left speaker. Did that and no beeps, seat and mirrors kept going to old position. Manual doen't say, radio on or off, ign on or off, car in park or? Tried all of these and the seat and mirrors go to old position, and no beep when pressing button.
Anyone have a solution??

02-18-11, 10:14 PM
Press and hold button 1 until two beeps sound
through the driverís side front speaker to let
you know that the position has been stored.

The secret is HOLD for few sec.

02-18-11, 10:34 PM
Did that no beeps. Key on off, radio on off, ign on off.

02-19-11, 08:36 AM
That's odd...
On mine..I can put the seat and mirrors in the position I want them to GO TO...

Then I press AND HOLD button 1 or button 2 for about 4 seconds...it BEEPS 2 times and the new settings are then stored.

I have had two 2006 DTS and they both worked that same way.

Texas Jim

02-19-11, 01:54 PM
Does the ignition have to be on or off, does the radio have to be on or off, does it matter where the gear shift lever is (park/neautral)?

02-19-11, 07:53 PM
Does the ignition have to be on or off, does the radio have to be on or off, does it matter where the gear shift lever is (park/neautral)?

The only thing that matters...at least on "MY" car...is it needs to be in park.

The number one and number two button will not work unless it is in park.
When mine is in PARK... I can change any setting... PUSH AND HOLD the button for a few seconds...till it BEEPS TWICE, and the new settings are SAVED.

Texas Jim

02-19-11, 09:57 PM
My 07 is whacky as well.I get the 2 beeps,and yes you need to hold the button in.Mine will go to the position I put it (the mirror) in a couple of times,then it'll go all the way up or down or anywhere I didn't put it so i'll have to reset it.It's annoying as hell.The seat works fine however.I'm not sure,as the car is 2 weeks new to me,but maybe you need to activate something on the dic (driver info center). Look here too.My old thread.

02-22-11, 06:54 PM
i hold it until it beeps, even while driving and it sets.

My jaguar stopped confirming/memorizing positions and it was a module in the seat that had stopped working.