: suspension type

02-18-11, 03:59 PM
I had a 2000 deville and it rode great. railrod tracks it would glide right over them. i now have a 2002 dts and the ride is more rigid. is there more than one supension that goes into these cars, or does tyhe dts because they consider it a sports sedan just have a roughr and stiffer suspension.

02-18-11, 05:12 PM
Hi gebo32,
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The suspension and the wheel sizes are different in your generation of DTS versus the similar DeVille or DHS, as well as a differently tuned engine. Your DTS engine likely has more horsepower (295 versus 275) but has less torque in the low rev bands. This is for higher top speeds versus quick grunt off the line. (However, the numbers are pretty close, so I think it's more of a marketing gimmick than anything else.)

The 2000-2005 DTSs were meant to be more of a sport-tuned ride for crisper handling and also had 1 inch larger wheels contributing to a firmer ride. The tradeoff, as you discovered, is a less floaty ride.

Starting in 2006 after the restyle, all DeVilles, DHSs and DTSs became DTSs. The different quality of ride and performance was divided up into packages that could be ordered. So, if you wanted a DHS type of car, you ordered the Luxury III Package. If you wanted the firmer, crisper handling, you ordered the Performance Package, but they were all called DTS.

While this is the DTS forum, some may give you a little flack. This forum concentrates on the 2006 and up model years partly because Caddy made these different distinctions from the 2000-2005 models. Try posting your question on the DeVille FWD forum and see if you get some more input.

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