: Ontario Guys - Cadillac Track Experience is Back For 2011

02-18-11, 01:11 AM
For those that missed the 2010 event, or want to attend again, the Cadillac Driver Training program is back for 2011.

CTS and CTS-V owners will be able to learn their vehicle’s capabilities at Mosport International Raceway and Calabogie Motorsports Park this summer.

Professional instructors will be on site and offering 1-on-1 training with drivers and teaching high performance car control. In the afternoon, owners are welcome to hot lap on the track and autocross.

This is an excellent event to test your CTS/CTS-V and learn life saving driving skills.

While this event is not free this year, it is heavily subsidized by Cadillac.


02-18-11, 08:59 AM
Wouldn't you know it?!! That's my wife's birthday. :annoyed:

Hey. I wonder if she'd like a trip to Ottawa. Hm-m ...