: Anyone Have AT&t u-VERSE ?

02-17-11, 07:39 PM
i curently have time warner cable with internt turbo
how ever they are not willing to lower my price any
and im at 155 a month after taxes

so im switching to ATT U-vers they got me a price for the highest plan all the chanells for 130 a month after taxes for 5 tv's with 2 dvr's that can subport up to 4 tvs at a time they said

im wondering anyone have this and are they happy with att ?

02-17-11, 08:04 PM
I love UVerse. Best switch I ever made. I refuse to live anywhere that doesn't have it.

02-17-11, 08:07 PM
^^^ That is the general consensus (well, maybe not the location restriction).

Many are switching around here as the only other commonly available service is Time Warner, which blows the big one. I've yet to hear a regret.

I can't really give my own opinion because, well, I watch so little TV that it isn't worth the cost (teh interwebz is a different story). Most of the shows I at least attempt to keep up with are either available OTA, on Hulu, or on Netflix.

02-17-11, 08:20 PM
my main concern is doent the intenret run of dsl still ? i know the tv is fiberoptiic witch will be great but the internet i have hear some things about how its not so far
or reliable thats what im worried about

02-17-11, 08:27 PM
It runs off different grades of DSL depending on your package, up to the premo VDSL. 24Mbps down and 3Mbps up is their max package - far, FAR more than you'll ever need as a regular home user. The VDSL's capabilities are about double that.

In a nutshell, don't worry about that.

02-17-11, 08:33 PM
ok cool
cause im running 15mbs on time warner right now and the package i got from att is only giving me 6 so i guess if i need more ill go up one more

02-17-11, 08:39 PM
If it's the same as around here, you can only get 1 HD feed in the house at a time. You need a tuner for each TV/VCR/DVR and you have a maximum of 4 programs at once. A coworker described this, so please correct me.

Is the Internet just the AT&T DSL? That's what I have for less than $25 a month. But I'm too far from the CO to upgrade to faster than 720kbps. I have a buddy with TW Roadrunner. It seems as fast as the DS3 at work! I think it's rated 5MB.

I still use TW Cable and pay them $100 a month. I have 10 old analog devices (TV & VCR's) for the bedrooms, kitchen, basement, shop, etc. and each has about 90 channels of standard cable. My main set-up has TW HD & DVR and Digital Cable (around 300 channels) and I feed a AV Modulator so that any device in the house can monitor the DVR, the main screen or any one of my security cameras. I get a kick out of pausing live TV, the opportunities to start-over popular live TV programs.

TW keeps raising prices. Satellite & U-verse sound less expensive but I'm not convinced they're better.

02-17-11, 09:19 PM
att is charging me 7 dollars per tv in adition to the first 2
they said i can record up to 4 programs at ones on the 1 DVR but i get a box for each tv and i have 2 HD tv's and they never said i wouldnt have a problem getting both of them for the HD stream

its just im kind of sick of paying so much and then when i call the cable company and say look i have been paying you 155 a month for the last 6 years can you hook me up with a 10 dollar a month credit even if its just for 3 months and they say no thats when i told them where to stick it when i called them to arange a shut off date they asked why i explained then they said well how about if we get you in as a new customer rate with a locked rate of 110 a month for all the chanelse you have now plus 2 cable boxes you have now both HD one DVR plus your inerner you would go from a 15 dwon to a 7 they said but i figure what not problem so i told them you know if you guys where worth it i would but i take me leaving for you to say now we can do something when i told them i was going to leave last time i talked to there retention department so now they want to keep me but my modo is id rather pay 20 more for the 12 month price att is gona give me then pay 20 less for a company full of jerks lol

02-17-11, 09:28 PM
I dropped the TV service in favor of an antenna, but the internet service is incredibly reliable. The only other ISP on Uverse's level of reliability is Verizon's Fios.

02-17-11, 09:52 PM
cool thanks
for the info

the only thing i had a problem of with att was they didnt want to split the bills for the land line and the tv-internet but it took a bit and they did

dad is never watches tv when he is home
but he has an office in the house and when hes here he has his fax line and 2 land lines in the house so at first they didnt want to put 2 bills for 2 ppl to a single family home but they did figure out how to

02-17-11, 11:41 PM
I have AT&T DSL for the internet, I think its like 6mb upload speed. Not the fastest or slowest speed they offer, its the middle speed. Less than $20 a month. Its great service for just surfing the internet, more than fast enough to watch streaming youtube. If I downloaded a lot of stuff I might consider upgrading though, it isn't as quick as my old comcast in that regard.

But what's great about the AT&T DSL is how its reliable AND ALWAYS THE SAME SPEED!!!! That's what made me switch from comcast, shit was always WAY slow(slower than my current DSL) from that 5pm-12am window when everybody else was on.

As for TV, I have dish network. Cheaper than Comcast by a whole bunch, I'm still on their $34.99 a month promotion plan which has like 200 channels(BBC America FTW!!), sirius music channels, DVR, HD TV. Works as good as my comcast cable(and that is high praise, always loved their tv service), and 1/3rd as much

02-17-11, 11:54 PM
the other thing that swong me there way was they say that it will be comming in under fiberoptics dedicated so i wont be like sharing lines and all
like iwth time warner i notice with road runner at nite when everone is home from work
my internet slows down they say it has to do with more ppl online at that time
witch i think sucks for me to share the same lines with everyone els but have to pay for my own internet
so im hoping that this ATT switch will be good and it sounds like it will